Bamboo Craft

Bamboo Craft: Bamboo grows in abundance across districts in Chhattisgarh. Bamboo crafts and cane crafts are produced by craftsmen mostly in rural India. Treated bamboo is used to make a wide variety of bamboo crafts and furniture. It has been an ineluctable part of this region’s lifestyle, used for making fishing nets, in building homes, baskets, kanwad (load carrying poles), musical instruments, and for food. Bamboo forms the basis of livelihood for the Basor community who make living crafting objects made with bamboo. Baskets and other utilities crafted by them are bartered in exchange for grain as part of ‘gotia’ client-patronage relationships with farmers.

Bamboo handicrafts are in demand nowadays, owing to its long durability. It is also Eco-friendly, which enhances its desirability. It is a well-known fact that trends keeps changing with each generation. But, changing generations has not affected the relevance of bamboo handicraft and other products.

The artisans have always been dependent on Bazaars and Hatts to sell their art but with the Corona virus pandemic, there is no season for the market. The rural artisans are amongst those severely impacted. We take pride in providing a platform to the Craft and Artisan community to showcase India's exquisite craft heritage.

In a bid to solve this crisis, Pankhudi has come forward to extend support to the tribal’s to market and explore their products to meet their economic needs. We aim empower tribal communities by providing them with a platform to sell their authentic handmade products globally, whilst ensuring quality at a fair price for customers and can be customized to meet your needs. Such products are ethnic in design and specific in patterns.

You can support the initiative by buying our products that support tribal communities who need our money the most. You can be assured that when you order us, you are receiving the finest in hand craftsmanship. All Our products are traditional craft which are 100% Eco-friendly. We are able to supply enough to Antique/Handicraft Stores, Bulk Buying Agents, and Departmental stores line, online shops, corporate gifts, Promotional Campaigns, occasion centric requirements, Interior Decorators and many more. We strive to match & exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering exquisite product. We serve customers and buyers all over India and abroad.