People Behind Pankhudi

Name Of Members Qualification Work Done in different sectors
Khushi Saantra
  • Bachelor's in Business Administration
  • Master's in English Language and Literature
  • Bachelor's in Education
  • Persuing LLB
  • Conducted various handicraft and handloom exhibitions in different places of Chhattisgarh 'Bastar Jagaar'.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns on sanitation and menstrual hygiene'Maahwari' in tribal areas of Bastar region.
  • Certified trainer in compostion of vermicompost and vermiwash
  • Conducted training workshops for SHG didis in seedball manufacturing 'Beeja Laadu' in gowthans Of Tirathgarh, Chitrakoot and Kendra village under District administration, Bastar.
  • Personality development and communication skills trainer of community tourism group in Tirathgarh, Teertha, Chitrakote, Kosarteda and Bijakasa, Bastar.
  • Conducted Personal Hygiene and Sanitation awareness campaign in rural areas of Bastar region.
  • Trained SHG didis of Gowthan in manufacturing verming compost and vermiwash.
  • Conducted night classes and education campaigns for SHG Didi's.
Sunaina Sablok
  • Bachelor's in Arts
  • Master's in Economics
  • Master's in Education
  • Phd Scholar in Education
  • Served as a Principal of Kangaroo kids international PreSchool in Raipur.
  • PGT Economics
  • Having 20+ years of experience in education sector.
  • Conducting night classes for women of slum areas in various parts of Punjab.
  • Looking after the education sector of women and children in Pankhudi Seva Samiti.
Asmita Rangari
  • Bachelor's in Engineering and Technology
  • Software developer in Tech-Mahendra group, Pune.
  • Looking after the CSR project implementation and documentation part of Pankhudi Seva Samiti.
Shashi Saxena
  • Bachelor's in Science and Technology
  • Bachelor's in Education
  • Master's in Hindi
  • Looking after the cooking training programs of edible products like Pickles,papad, badi,laddoo etc conducted by Pankhudi Seva Samiti conducted for SHG Didi's for income generation
Praveen Surana
  • Bachelor's in Arts
  • Director of Nav-Chaitanya institute of Civil Services, Jagdalpur.
Rajdeep Risam
  • Bachelor's in Special Education
  • Special Educator.
  • Director of Smiley Creations educational institute, Raipur.
  • Looking after the Education programs of specially abled children conducted by Pankhudi Seva Samiti.
Pradeep Agrawal
  • Bachelor's in Science
  • Director of Sky group of hospitals, Bilaspur.
  • Looking after the charitable health awareness campaign conducted by Pankhudi Seva Samiti.
Latish Sharma
  • Bachelor's in Computer Application
  • Conducted various plantation programme to promote environmental conservation.

Management Team

Name Of The Members Qualification Job Role
Khushi Saantra BBA/MA in English/B.Ed/LLB(pursuing) Project - Coordinator of Bastar District
Ashish Satyala B.E Manager
Surbhi Vishwakarma MSW Assistant manager in Handicraft Programs
Sunaina Sablok B.Ed/Phd in Economics Educator/Project Coordinator of Raipur
Pinki 12th Jute/ Sissal Art Trainer
Saharsh Saantra Under-Graduate Yoga and Wellness Trainer
Surendra Sahu 12th Terracota Trainer and salesman