Udaan: We mobilise women and families into self-help groups within their village, block and district. We focus primarily on women because we believe that even people considered to be the most disadvantaged in society are capable of driving the change they need. Pankhudi realizes that women have a more vital role to play in different sectors of life. Women have had relatively little control over their lives and the resources available to them. The average Indian child still has a poor start to life. Poverty and illiteracy have been the main reasons for the women to neglect themselves and their children. Far from being considered as mere harbingers of peace, women have to be the source of power and symbol of progress.

Pankhudi Empowers women to move from subsistence to sustainability; so, we organise skill based training programs for women of rural, urban slum and especially naxal affected areas. They are being trained for some artworks which are famous in Chhattisgarh.